Do You Know The Power Of Common Salt ? See The Amazing Cleaning Hacks!

Do you know that before we had freezers salt was used to preserve meat for long period of time ? It was from serious help to the human civilization to grow and thrive. Back in the days, salt was valued and used as  currency. In some places of the world people have been traveling miles and miles just to buy salt and bring it home.

But today it is available all over the world, almost in every single market or even gas station :), and the most common use is to flavor our meals. But most of us are not familiar with some of the powers of the salt.

Below you can find a list of some tips and tricks which will show you the power of the salt, additionally there is video included so it will make things easier for you.

  1. Remove sticky residue from under your iron
  2. Easily clean up a wet egg from the floor
  3. Remove grease and stains from a pan
  4. Clean your bathtub
  5. Quickly put out a grease fire in your kitchen

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