Have You Ever Tried Cupping Therapy?What Is Cupping Therapy? Uses, Benefits And Side Effects

People use cupping for thousands of years. Even though people associate cupping with Traditional Chinese Medicine, in the past the entire world used it and it was familiar with this type of therapy. Cupping actually pulls the blood to a region in order to heal it. It is very effective at stretching tight muscles and fascia.

Cupping can help the tissue to develop new blood flow and it also causes different anti-inflammatory chemicals in our body. It also has a great impact and can affect our body up to 4 inches in the tissues. This way the tissues will clean the blockages of the colon, release toxins, activate the lymphatic system, help clear and activate the arteries, veins, capillaries, clear stretch marks, the skin and improve varicose veins.

5 Important Reasons to Do Cupping

Eliminate Headaches

In the research that was published in The American Journal of Chinese Medicine was proved that therapy with cupping can be very efficient for treating headaches. The researcher was conducted on 70 patients and all of them had problems with tension headaches. They were evaluated right before and after the treatment. 66% of the patients experienced reduced severity of the headaches. For the patients there were relevant clinical benefits.

Relieve cough, cold and allergy symptoms

Cupping therapy can help to stimulate the lungs (and many other vital organs as well) and can clear out the phlegm. Coughing can be caused because of excess phlegm in the lungs. Cupping therapy can speed up the process and can relieve the allergy symptoms, cold and cough. It will move the lymphatic fluid and blood in the body and thus speed up the metabolism.

Improve mood and relieve anxiety

Cupping therapy will improve the blood circulation, boost positive feelings, eliminate toxins and improve sleeping that reduces tension and promotes deep relaxation.

Flush out Toxins

With you do a cupping therapy, the stagnation will be improved and the blood will rush into the treated area and efficiently will eliminate toxins. It will clear out the lymph and dead cells, along with other accumulated debris. Afterwards these harmful elements will be naturally expelled from the body.


With cupping therapy the process of aging can be slowed down. If you perform this treatment on your face you will promote rejuvenation of collagen and remove the signs of aging.

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