There is no need to change electricity supplier to save money on the energy bill: in fact, often times, it is enough to learn to read the bill itself to realize that some rates and some cost items can be modified even remaining with the same supplier. The general advice is to pay attention to the offers of the new companies: so, here’s how to read the energy bill and make it less expensive.

1- First of all, it is essential to check the prices meticulously: in fact, the same supplier could apply different rates for different consumers, pretty much like telephone companies. There are conditions which last for years without being changed, which are double or triple compared to the latest conditions.

For example, you cannot ignore the decrease of the price of oil that occurred in the last few months and affected evidently the prices of the electric market, promoting a drop in the quotations. So, it is not hard to find prices of around six cents per kilowatt, instead of the 18 cents per kilowatt that characterize a lot of rates in the Italian houses.

2- But it is important to read and learn to read the whole bill, also because the amount of money that we pay each month for the electricity is just the two-fifths of the overall sum that is shown in the bill: this means that the remaining three-fifths are taxes.

 3- If you want to get a discount, you can also get in touch with your supplier: moreover, thanks to toll-free numbers, you do not even have to pay the call. Within few minutes, you can talk to an operator and have the chance to check if there are more convenient prices.

If you want to change rates, the new rate could start already in the following month. On the other hand, the waiting times for the supplier change are longer: in fact, you have to wait at least two months for that.

Lower prices can be offered to those who perform procedures through the Internet. You have to remember that, anyway, the market is subject to regulations and, every three months, the Authority gives energy suppliers the instructions they have to respect about rates. In conclusion, saving money on bills is possible.

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