In the United States, where they are particularly prolific as far as researches are concerned, a scientific study has been conducted about the habit of wearing pyjamas, nightgowns or t-shirts while sleeping. In collaboration with the Gynecology Department of the University of New York, a group of researchers has controlled the health of the women, splitting them into those who regularly wear underwear while sleeping – many women keep their bras on while sleeping – and those who like to sleep naked.

It seems that those who wear panties and other clothing items are most hit by bacterial infections and the reason why it happens is simple: the contact of the skin with the underwear while sleeping and therefore being covered by sheets, creates a hot-humid microclimate, which promites the proliferation of this kind of infections.sleep3

Furthermore, women have a high vaginal temperature which is a humid environment by nature, and these two conditions – coupled with the undercover hot-humid climate – promote the development of these infections, which can be very annoying and hard to annihilate.

Obviously, not only women are in danger, but also men. They can even face bigger problems, such as an increase in the testicles temperature that can also damage their reproductive ability, as has been confirmed by the American urologist Brian Steixner.

It is therefore better to get used to sleep naked, or without underwear, but also for another reason: sleeping naked can help the general well-being, as it has been discovered – always in the States – by another team of researchers of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.


Considering the fact that, while we are sleep, the body temperature decreases thanks to the circadian rhythm that is the base of many organic processes as well as the heart rhythm, the production of hormones, the blood pressure or the immune system processes, if we wear some clothes that increase our temperature, we can be victims of disturbed, interrupted sleep that can damage our health.

So, to be safe and healthy and to sleep tight, take off all your clothes and, if you want to wear something, put on some drops of your favourite perfume…

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