She Put Her Baby to Bad With an Onion, The Reason Will Surprise You

A common thing that most of the people do when they are affected by some illness is going to the store and buying every possible product that promises to help. If you are one of them too then you should stop doing that. Instead of that go to your kitchen and take an onion because it is a natural remedy for numerous diseases. They are full with sulfur due to which they have antibacterial properties.


The following are only some of the health issues for which you can use onion:

It is good for athlete’s foot

Onions have great antifungal properties which make them excellent for fighting against athletes foot condition. All that you will have to do for this purpose is rub your feet with onion and leave it stand like that for 10 minutes. After this, rinse your feet and you are done. In order for this to be effective you will have to repeat the procedure 3 times a day.

Hair Loss Prevention

You can stop your hair from falling with onions. Apply some onion juice over your scalp and it will prevent your hair from falling and stimulate its growth. This is due to the sulfur substance that it contains.


Onions can be used as substitution for cough syrup and they will have even better effect. This is confirmed by doctors too since they started recommending it to their patients.

It can help you get rid from bugs.

Summer nights are something that everyone enjoys, but sometimes they can be ruined by annoying insect such as mosquitoes. It migh0 sound strange but the onion scent can make them go away from your house and garden. What is more you can use it to prevent itching and redness when they bite you.

Sinus Infections

Sinus infection can really be difficult at times and make you feel desperate. Besides the regular drugs that you can consume you can also treat it with onions. What you should do is cut the onion into small pieces and place it in a dish. Put your head over it, cover it with some town and inhale deeply. This will make your nose unstaffed and running.

No more Infections

Onions can fight against infections and make them disappear quickly. They are known to be especially effective for treating ear infections and contaminations.

You can treat Nausea with it.

Cut the onion in two halves and apply them on your armpits. Hold them like that for some time and your sickness will disappear.

Pimple Eraser

Instead of using expensive creams for treatment of your skin try out this natural alternative. Just put some onion in half a cup of honey. From this you will get a face mask which you can apply each night before going to sleep. It will make your skin smoother than ever.

Onions can be Used for Fighting Cold

For this usage of onions you have probably heard before sine it is the one which is widely known. People use onions for fighting colds and flues around the world. The best way to consume onion for this treatment is prepared as tea. You can prepare some the day before and consume it during the entire day.

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