Tips To Get Relief From Constipation Or Diarrhea During Period

To ease constipation, form a habit of drinking 1/4t triphala tea in the morning before breakfast and 300ml warm water after 2 hrs of lunch and dinner. Or try drinking 1t ghee in 100 ml water (morning empty stomach+bedtime) during 5 days of menses. To relieve diarrhea, take 1/2t amla powder+1/2t ghee or drink 100ml rice water+1t curry leaves pulp on a regular basis.

Menstruation is an essential physiological function of women during their reproductive age. According to Ayurveda, normal menstruation is the indicator of healthy and normal reproductive organ. Normal menstruation means

  • The menstrual cycle should be of 28-30 days.
  • Duration of blood flow is for four or five days.
  • There is no pain, cramps or burning sensation.
  • Menstrual blood is not very thick or lumpy.
  • Bleeding is neither very scanty nor excessive.
  • The color of menstrual blood resembles the red juice of Laksha, red lotus flower, the fruit of gunja (Abrus precatorius).
  • Menstrual flow does not leave back any stains.

Over-all menses days should just be like any other normal day. Having said so, issues such as stomach cramps, backache, weakness in lower limbs, mood swings, nausea, vomiting, headaches, bloating, hot flashes, weight changes, water retention, constipation or diarrhea indicate some imbalances in the body.

If you are one of the few ones who doesn’t have any symptoms you are lucky because then you don’t have to dread “that time of the month”. But if you have any of the above symptoms, I can understand the annoyance it causes! Especially constipation or diarrhea.

Typically, many women experience constipation prior to their menstrual period and this resolves within a couple of days of menstruation. It indicates the erratic functioning of Apana vayu according to Ayurveda.

Remedies To Overcome Constipation

  • Form a habit of drinking 300 ml warm water (little bit on the hotter side) after 2 hours of lunch and dinner
  • Drink 1 tsp cow’s ghee in 100 ml water (morning empty stomach and bedtime) during 5 days of menses.
  • Drink 100 ml rice water (the water remaining in the pot of boiled rice) with 5-7 drops of castor oil, daily morning 5 days prior to your menses date.
  • Drink ¼ tsp Triphala tea on daily basis. Best time to consume this tea in the morning empty stomach.
  • 1 tsp fennel seeds + 20 black currants + 3 gms sugar candy soaked overnight in water and chewed thoroughly in morning is a great remedy for unwanted menstrual symptoms mentioned above.
  • Women who experience diarrhea during their menstrual cycle, get once menstruation has started and it usually occurs in the first three days of the menstrual period. It occurs due to the imbalance of Apana vayu and Pachak pitta in the body.

    The repetitive visits to the washroom on top of menses can be impeding to the routine. Also, all the loss of water and electrolytes can lead to further weakness and fatigue.

    Ayurvedic Inculcations To Overcome

    If you inculcate these in your daily routine it will help you overcome the problem easily.

    • Drink 100 ml rice water (the water remaining in the pot of boiled rice) with 1 tsp curry leaves pulp, for a month to feel relief in diarrhea during your next menses.
    • Start consuming Bael (Aegle marmelos) Fruit juice five days prior to the commencement of your periods
    • Avoid heat causing foods from the 20th day of your cycle. E.g.- alcohol, fried foods, and spicy foods
    • Taking ½ tsp amla powder + ½ tsp ghee on regular basis will also help you overcome diarrhea. This formula has many healthy side-effects such as great hair growth, good vision, reduced heat in the body, etc.
    • During periods take every opportunity you can to relax – without any guilt!

    It is very important to develop awareness and appreciation of menstrual cycle, not only during the periods but every day as it has a great influence on being a woman and it resonates in our hormonal balance.

    Let your bodies attune to nature and harness immense benefits of Ayurveda during the course of menstruation.

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