As it seems, you need to immediately stop consuming the Heinz Ketchup. It was banned in Israel when it was found that it contains very low quantity of tomatoes that it cannot even be considered as ketchup.

Therefore, you need to eliminate the Heinz ketchup from your nourishment and in its place you should start consuming organic products. This ketchup is definitely unsafe for your health and the following are the main facts that are proving this:

Heinz ketchup includes high fructose corn syrup

The specialists warn that the persons who consume this ketchup might have a bigger risk of developing serious diseases, like diabetes, heart disease and obesity, as it includes high fructose corn syrup made from GMO corn.

Namely, the recent research showed that high fructose syrup is full with mercury, an extremely toxic heavy metal, and it has to be avoided at any cost.

Heinz ketchup doesn’t have nutritional value

This ketchup doesn’t contain nutrients like fibers and proteins, and they are replaced by reducing the tomato content, that has a microscopic lycopene amount.

Heinz ketchup contains distilled vinegar and sugar

Heinz ketchup also contains distilled vinegar that comes from a GMO corn. The production of this corn involves chemicals and pesticides. Besides, this dangerous ketchup contains sugar in high quantities, meaning, 1 tablespoon of this ketchup contains 4 grams of sugar.

Therefore, its consumption is going to reduce the blood sugar levels and damage the pancreas and the liver.

In conclusion, it has been proved that Heinz ketchup doesn’t contain nutrients, but is full with sugar, chemicals, and GMOs, so it is extremely dangerous for your health.

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