WARNING: By Kissing Newborns You Can Easily Transmit A Cold Sore On Baby

A cold sore on baby is not uncommon. Cold sores are transmitted with kissing them around the area of their lips, so mothers, beware and protect your babies.

Newborns are very fragile and prone to bacteria and infections. Taking care of a baby is probably the most important and most difficult job a mother can do. Baby care does not only include feeding and putting your baby to sleep; it’s waaay more than that.

Friends, aunts and other relatives attack your baby with hugs and kisses. Whenever you’re hosting a gathering, they simply cannot take their hands off your baby. And you are incapable to do anything! You cannot forbid them to kiss or touch your baby, right?

Actually, you should. You should kindly inform your guests that your baby is super fragile, prone to diseases, infections and bacteria that many of them don’t even know they’re carrying them. Some viruses, bacteria and infections show no signs, and yet, people transmit them all over.

You can easily notice when someone has the flu or cold; they’ll cough, sneeze or they’ll have a runny nose. These people usually are aware that they cannot get in contact with your baby, however, if they’re not, you can warn them yourself.

Moreover, you should explain to people that babies don’t build their immune systems until 6-7 weeks upon their birth. Any simple health issue can be fatal for them.

Unfortunately, you can never know when a person is carrying bacteria or infections. For example, you cannot tell whether your relative or friend has a cold sore.

A cold sore on baby transmitted by kissing

Cold sore on baby causes a lot of problems. If your baby gets in touch or gets kissed by a person with the herpes virus, the virus can spread all over the baby’s body!

There are testimonies which show that kissing a newborn is not a good idea. One lady told her story about her baby being kissed by someone with a cold sore or herpes virus. The virus spread on her baby’s chin, mouth and cheeks! Moreover, it kept spreading all over the baby’s body.

Can you imagine a baby with herpes or a cold sore? How difficult the baby would feel? The baby is gentle, fragile and not immune on viruses and diseases. That’s why you need to check who’s kissing your baby and prevent these things from happening. Luckily, after 5 days spent in hospital, this particular baby was successfully healed.

Unfortunately, another baby didn’t have the same luck. The baby girl was only several days old and got affected with herpes virus. Although it was immediately treated, the baby girl couldn’t survive the virus. That’s because the herpes virus is deadly for newborns younger than 3 months! So a simple cold sore on baby can terminate their life.

Mothers, don’t feel guilty or ashamed in telling people not to touch or kiss your baby; you’re only doing your best in protecting your child’s life. Of course, there’s no need in being hypochondriac; you’ll need to apply this rule for relatives, not the people you’re constantly surrounded by. Your loved ones are probably aware of the consequences; but there’s no harm in warning them as well.

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