In today’s article you can read the story of one woman from Shandong who wished to stay anonymous. This woman had unusual eye problem. Namely, her left eye constantly was itchy all and was leaking discharge. She thought it was some eye infection but after she had visited medical expert, the truth turned out to be something really horrible!


This woman explained that several days after the problem started, her son noticed that something is moving under her eyelids, so she immediately went to the doctor. Doctor carefully and in detail examined her eyelids and noticed something shocking – there were lice moving in the woman’s eyelids. The most shocking part is that the lice had even laid eggs! In addition to that, the expert found 20 worms under the discharge in the woman’s eye and that eventually found to be lice.

Luckily, the doctor managed to remove the lice and clean the area completely. According to him, although it is quite uncommon, some patients who also have eyes in their eyelids come to his office. It is really frightening that except lice, a man came to the doctor with a tapeworm in his eyes, and the worm got there after the man ate a piece of undercooked pork. As the experts explain, tapeworm may even enter the muscles and brain or the digestive system and eyeballs.

If you dare, you can watch the video below and see really bad case of lice in human eyelids:

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