Don’t Waste Your Money on Pedicure Anymore: Just Two Ingredients from Your Kitchen Can Make Your Feet Look Amazing!

The way your feet looks has a significant bearing on people’s perception of who you are.

If your feet is well taken care of it usually suggests that you have impeccable personal hygiene, but on the other hand where your feet are unkempt then you are looked upon as an untidy person.

Many people make use of the services of pedicure salons but this can be an expensive venture especially if you intend having a pedicure frequently.

  • We are going to present you a homemade DIY remedy to take care of dry, flaky, scaly, and tired feet.

The ingredients necessary for this homemade treatment can be probably found in your kitchen at this moment.


– 3-4 cups milk
– 3 tablespoons baking soda


First, warm up the milk. Then, pour it in a basin or a feet soaking tub and add the baking soda to it. Stir well and dip feet in it for 10 minutes.

When done, rinse feet with warm water and dry off gently with a towel. Apply your daily foot cream and enjoy the results.

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