Dentists Are Warning Us ­ Don’t Throw Away Baby Teeth, They Can Save Your Child’s Life!

If a child loses its baby tooth than this is a great achievement. Not many people know that this tooth can safe life. Parents are aware of the fact that they can bank the cord blood from their children because it contains the beneficial stem cells.

However, parents who don’t do the banking can take some of the stem cells in a less painful way not very familiar. Read the article below and be informed for this recent discovery of great importance!

The famous expert Dr. Songrao Shi conducted a study in which he discovered that baby teeth include one or two dozen stem cells, which can be used later for various kinds of diseases. Over a long period of time, many researchers study the effect of the stem cells and where they can be used.

The discovery showed that it can be used in heart, brain, pancreas or many other organs in our body. Dr. Shi and other experts revealed that only one type of stem cell lives in the adult teeth.

There was new discovery in which these experts found that the stem cells from the baby teeth from children at the age of 7 or 8 are quite different than the one in the adult teeth. The main question to ask is how the process works?The answer is very simple – you can find the stem cells inside the dental pulp placed in the tooth that recreates into the neurons, cartilage and bone and even the cardiac cells. This process has been proven to be very effective when it comes to treating Type 1 diabetes since the dental pulp stem cells which are placed into the pancreatic-type cells so that a production of insulin was made.

Note: You must take into consideration that the process of preserving stem cells can be quite delicate because the cells must be alive in order to be useful later. A special care is needed to the dental pulp because it should be in an adequate blood supply for 48 hours before it is frozen, because any less time can kill the cells.

As claimed by Dr. Peter Murray, teeth and the tissue in the mouth can be created from stem cells found in third molars, tooth buds, baby teeth, induced pluripotent cells and periodontal tissues.

Another useful information is that there are services available for storing baby tooth for a fee and they recommend dentists professionally to remove baby teeth which are not dangling, since if this happens then they do not have much blood supply.

Other services provide the parents with packages and shipping supplies that are necessary for storing the baby’s teeth by themselves. In most of the cases there is a storage container together with a preservation solution necessary for storing the cells in home conditions.

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