The enlarged veins that appear in the legs and feet are called varicose veins. People usually consider them a cosmetic issue however there are many who suffer from pain and discomfort because of them. This condition can also increase the risk of other health issues and should not be only considered a cosmetic issue.


They cause different symptoms such as dark purple or blue veins, twisted and bulging veins, achy or heavy feeling in the legs, muscle cramping and swelling in the lower legs, red skin discoloration, bleeding from the veins, and vein hardening. A problem similar to varicose veins can appear on the face which is called spider veins.

Causes and treatment

Aging and pregnancy are usually the most common causes of the appearance of varicose veins. During pregnancy your body goes through a circulatory change which causes enlarged veins, and as we get older our veins are not as elastic and stretch easily.

Wearing compression stockings can provide relief from the pain caused by this issue. There are also many natural remedies that are both cheap and also efficient. The following is one of those natural remedies that will reduce the appearance of varicose and spider veins.

Natural remedy

For this remedy you need half a glass of olive oil. To maximize the benefits of using it, it is advised to do skin exfoliation every 15 days which will help the olive oil penetrate deeper in the skin.

You can prepare your own natural body scrub by mixing sugar and salt or with a little turmeric. This way the dead skin cells and impurities of the skin will get removed.

After the exfoliation, heat the olive oil in a microwave and use it to massage the problematic areas with varicose veins. Massage with circular motions starting with the ankles and then go up until the torso. Using this remedy for a few weeks will provide noticeable results.

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