Watch Your Kidneys Stones Coming Out With This Home Remedy

Kidney’s function in the body is to dispose the toxins and salt from the body and that is why kidneys are very important organ in the body. But, to improve their function, we need to clean them occasionally.

While performing their function of cleaning the body from toxins, sand and stones and also salts and toxins build up in the kidneys. And we need to remove these damaging substances.

Here is a recipe that is natural and you can prepare it at home. It will clean the kidneys and ameliorate their function.


  • Water
  • Parsley or coriander leaves (handful)

How to make:

Cut the coriander leaves or parsley in big pieces and put them in a pot. Add the water just enough to cover them. Then put the bowl on stove and let them boil for ten minutes. Take them away from fire, and leave the covered to cool.

After that strain them and place it in the fridge. Drink one cup once a day, it is recommended to be drank cold. The result will be noticeable after a couple of days of consumption and the urine will be different. This drink will help the kidneys to throw out the accumulated toxins.

If you like you can prepare tea from parsley, just leave the mixture for 30 minutes after boiling to stand still.

It is also very beneficial to consume parsley tea at least twice a month to eliminate the toxins from kidneys. Parsley tea is also very good and helps with cramps and menstrual pain.
But in case you have kidney stones, you should consult a doctor because parsley tea will just cause a movement from the stones.

While drinking parsley tea, you need to consume a lot of fluids every day, for better function of the kidneys. This tea is not recommended to be consumed during pregnancy, besides its natural ingredients.

Besides parsley or coriander leaves, there are other great natural kidney cleaners like watermelon, lemons and apples. Also olive oil has proven its beneficial properties in throwing out kidney stones.

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