5 Reasons to Put Essential Oils on the Bottom of Your Feet

Many people tend to put essential oils on the bottom of their feet. This has become a popular habit and it is frequently used in combination with foot reflexology. There are 5 important qualities from using therapeutic essential oils on specific parts of the body:

1. Essential Oils Can Faster Penetrate Through the Soles of Your Feet

The foot sole has thicker pores so the legs act like straws delivering the healthy properties quickly in the bloodstream. The point in the body enables the fastest delivery and only after 20 minutes, the oil is present in each cell.

2. The feet soles and the hand palms are the only points on the body where there are no sebaceous glands.

It’s the sebum that protects the body from absorption of various substances. So, this is the reason why the palms and the soles can absorb more oil, they do not secrete sebum.


Make sure your hands are dry so that the essential oil is not washed by the water.

3. Reflexology

Each nerve line ends in the feet. A research has pointed out that each foot has more than 7,200 nerve endings. Are you familiar with it?

According to most reflexology systems, the big toe stands for the head and the brain. The second and the third toe stand for the eyes and the last two ones stand for the ears.

The top third of your sole stands for your chest, the mid third stands for your stomach and your digestive system.

By applying oils to your feet in fact you apply oils to your entire body.

4. Less Irritation and Sensitivities

When the essential oils are applied on the soles of the feet there is a higher level of safety because there is no possibility of skin irritation and sensitivities.

These parts are less sensitive so they allow you to apply many oils such as thyme, oregano, citrus oils and many others, without dilution.

5. Bypass the Liver

When applied on the feet, the oils will bypass the liver and won’t be accumulated there.

Instead of liver procession, the oils reach the lower bronchial capillaries and the rest of the organism unprocessed.

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