One Tablespoon Of This Before Bed And You Will Never Wake Up Tired Again

It’s very important for us to get enough sleep each day. And, if we don’t sleep enough, usually we feel tired during the day, depressed and frustrated.

Several medical studies confirmed that average person needs 8 hours of sleep each day, so that they can function properly. We think that if we sleep around 7 hours, that it’s enough for the whole day!

Did you know that these 1 or 2 hours can cause so much bad side effects for you and your overall health.

There are people who think that if they drink a cup of coffee in the morning it can help them feel much better, yet they are so wrong. The caffeine will help you very briefly, but after that you are going to feel even worse.

There are so many different factors that might affect the quality of your sleep: watching TV, stress, using telephone or computer before you go to sleep, and so on.

Lack of sleep causes many severe side effects, such as stroke and heart disease, an increased risk of developing hypertension, crankiness and irritability that raises the risk of accidents, and impedes the critical thinking.

You should not be worried, since in this article we will show you how to make the most effective remedy to improve your sleep quality.

It will relax your whole body and you’ll wake up refreshed and full of energy. This homemade remedy is so simple and easy to make– everything you need is 2 ingredients– honey and Himalayan pink salt.

Mix them and consume one tbs. of this mixture before going to sleep. You will be amazed by the outcomes.


  • 5 tsp. of honey
  • 1 tsp. of pink Himalayan salt


Here is what you need to do– you should mix these ingredients, and put the mixture in a glass jar.


Put 1 teaspoon of this mixture under your tongue, every night before you go to sleep. Leave it to slowly melt in your mouth, or you can drink it dissolved into a glass of warm water and.

And now, the million-dollar question– why is this combo that effective? For the reason that the Himalayan pink salt is abundant with many healthy nutrients and it also contains 80 minerals.

It fuels the body with elements that are necessary for our body to function properly. Honey has glucose that feeds the energy cells of our body. This powerful mixture– honey and Himalayan salt, increases the level of serotonin which is a substance whose level decreases as a result of emotional stress.

If you use this remedy every night before going to sleep, you’ll wake up refreshed and full of energy. If you’re having problems with sleeping, you definitely should try this homemade remedy. You will be amazed by the results.

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