You Are Always Thirsty And Have Dry Mouth, Then You Should Read These Solutions

Our organism is amazing because it always shows signs and symptoms whenever something is wrong with our internal organs. This is why you should not take dry mouth and constant thirst for granted, because it could be an indication of some dangerous disease.

Malnutrition –when the body is not receiving the proper amount of food and water, all its functions are reduces such as the work of the salivary gland, which means the whole body suffers malnutrition and the result is a dry mouth.

Sugar (Diabetes) –According to Dr. Marijana Lapcevic, a general practitioner in the Health Center “Vozdovac”, when people experience dry mouth, an increased need for food and water while losing weight, it means they are dealing with diabetes.

Dehydration – vomiting, diarrhea and excessive exposure to heat are the main reasons for dehydration of the body and as a result of the lost of fluids, we experience dry mouth. In order to get hydrated, we need to take solutions that contain potassium.

Stress, mental health disorder –when we feel that our mouth is dry, it means we are dealing with some kind of stress or mental health disorder. Experiencing stress for a longer period of time may result in anxiety, depression, nervousness, and mental health disorders. The main symptom is dry mouth.

Medications –another major reason why people experience dry mouth is taking the inadequate dose of diuretics, medications for the regulation of blood pressure. Taking diuretics actually results in removing of excess sodium from the body, so in order to be released, the sodium needs water.

Treatment of tumor – people suffering from cancer usually experience dry mouth because the radiation leads to damage to the mucous membranes of the stomach, the entire intestinal system, the nose, eyes, pharynx and esophagus.

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