Stop buying avocados. Here’s how you can grow an avocado tree in a small pot at home

Unless you have actually been stranded on a deserted island for the previous few years, you’ll have discovered that avocados are everywhere! This little green fruit has been included to meals in practically every dining establishment and home dish possible. The ‘avocado pattern’ is no bad thing for your body, as the fruit contains potassium, vitamin B5, vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin E. In addition to having heart-healthy fats and a high fiber material.

The one drawback of the trend is that over the past year the average rate of avocados has actually increased by over 25% as grocery shops aim to maximize their revenues. To save yourself some cash and be able to consume fresh, organic avocados growing your very own avocado tree is a must. The word tree might insinuate that you require a huge quantity of area. Nevertheless, an avocado is a small and easy to grow tree.

So get your gardening gloves ready …

How To Grow An Avocado Tree From Seed


Carefully tidy the avocado seed and ensure you know which end is leading and which is the bottom. Stick 4 toothpicks into the seed at equivalent ranges apart about midway down. From there get a glass of water and set your seed in it, the toothpicks must keep it soaking in an inch of water.

The seed must be put out of direct sunlight however in a warm place till the stem has grown to 6 inches and the roots show up. This growth must take in between 2 to 6 weeks, at which point the stem must be cut back to three inches. Wait for more leaves to grow and for the stem to reach 6 inches again prior to planting.


Get yourself a large plant pot around ten inches in diameter, with a small hole in the bottom for drainage. Fill the pot with nutrient abundant soil, leaving a small hole in the top of the garden compost for your seed to enter. Location the seed in the hole guaranteeing that it isn’t really unfathomable which half of the seed is exposed above the soil.


Once the avocado tree is planted, move it into a sunny area of your home. Water the tree kindly and routinely, making sure that the water remains moist but not saturated.

If the leaves begin to turn brown and dry, it is a clear indication that the plant isn’t really getting adequate water. To resolve the issue put the pot in your sink, turn the tap on and permit the water to run through the soil for a couple of moments, ensuring that you drain any excess water before taking the plant from the sink.

If the leaves begin to turn yellow and droop, you are over watering the plant. To rectify the scenario, don’t water the plant for a few days and lower the quantity of water you provide it in future.


Keep up regular and caring upkeep of your tree in order for it to flourish. You may well have to wait a couple of years prior to it first begins to bear fruit but when it does you’ll be enjoying your own fresh and scrumptious avocados.

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