Scientists have found A Plant That is Able to Cure HIV and Fight off Diabetes and Cancer – A Secret That BIG PHARMA doesn’t Want You to Know!

There are a lot of natural cures that have potent medical properties and are able to fight off a large number of illnesses. They are able to do that even better than the conventional medicines.

Unfortunately, because of the greed for money, the pharmaceutical industry keeps this important fact away from the public.

You may have already heard about Guanabana. This fruit can be used to fight against bacterial and fungal infections. Lowering the high blood pressure and aiding depression, stress and nervous disorders are also some of its health properties.

People in Trinidad used the tea made from the leaves of the Guanabana tree as a sleep aid. Before ingesting the pulp or before juicing, you need to remove the seeds because they are toxic.

The Soursop or the Graviola are also the names that the Guanabana is known by. It is in the genus Annona, and is related to the Sugar Apple and Cherimoya. It is said that you can destroy cancerous cells with this natural remedy.

The Guanabana is typically used to make a sweet beverage. This fruit is perfect for processing and preservation. The pulp is pushed through a sieve or cheesecloth. Then, it is sweetened. The resulting mixture is mixed with milk or water.

The juice is used in various forms, and people use it to make ice creams, sorbets, mousse or custards. When it is mixed with alcohol, it makes a nice cocktail. The pulp can also be frozen and eaten. You can also create jellies, syrups or nectar in this way.

Did you know that our nature is filled with plants which contain many vitamins and minerals that strengthen people’s immune system better than numerous medications? One of those plants is the so-called Guanabana plant which can be found near Mexico.

It has a characteristic taste of citrus fruits.

According to scientific studies, the leaves, bark and pulp of guanabana are able to kill the cells of 12 types of cancer, including colon, prostate, liver, breast and pancreas cancer.

It is a fact that the guanabana pulp contains vitamins that are very useful for the organism and its health – vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9 and C, calcium, potassium, iron, sodium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc.

That is why the guanabana presents a true vitamin bomb, which with regular and right use can make our organism resistant of all kinds of diseases.

Since 2002, many Japanese studies have been examining a large number of acetogenins that are present in a number of varieties of plants. They utilized mice that consisted lung cancer cells.

One third, which was the control group, obtained absolutely nothing, a third obtained a chemotherapy drug, and other third obtained the primary Graviolaacetogenin, 10mg of annonacin.

After a period of 14 days, scientists discovered that 5 out of 6 in the control group survived and thus their tumor masses had been calculated. Compared to the control group, the chemotherapy collection revealed a 54.6% decrease in tumor mass.

Six mice have died as a result of toxicity. On the other hand, the ones that consumed Graviola survived and their tumors inhibited by 57.9%. When compared to the chemotherapy drug, these results were far greater. There were no toxicity issues.

Namely, by regulating the blood sugar levels, guanabana, which is a Central American plant, is able to cure diabetes. However, the mass media will never tell you this fact.

Curing HIV, cancer and liver, kidney, prostate and thyroid problems is also one of the health benefits of this fruit.

This fruit is able to destroy cancer cells, without harming the healthy ones, due to its cytotoxic properties. This is very important for the whole medicine because chemotherapy, which is the conventional therapy for cancer, destroys both the healthy and unhealthy cells.

Even though you may not believe this fact but the guanabana extract is able to eliminate cancer cells of 12 cancers. It is also considered to be 10.000 times more potent that the common chemo drug called Adriamycin.

There were many studies conducted about the effects of this plant. You should know that a lot of them were able to show that this amazing plant is definitely one of the most effective natural cures against cancer. Try it, you will not regret it!

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