Warning: This Girl Almost Died Doing Something Many Of People Are Doing At Their Home! Be Careful People

This story should be a dire warning for everyone that is doing this one simple thing that seems so harmless. It is a prove that even the smallest things can cause the biggest problems.

Believe it or not we’re talking about dying your hair. Although this process seems natural, it poses a great danger. A girl that had dyed her hair experienced swelling in the face and eyes shortly after, and she couldn’t speak or breathe.

According to the doctors which helped her treat her condition, this was the result of an allergic reaction to Para Phynelene Diamine (PPD) the main ingredient in all hair dye products.

We all know that hair-dying is a trendy nowadays and most teenagers and women do it, even men try it out. It is a primarily a cosmetic procedure to cover up grey hair and restore color.

According to a study published by the International Journal of Trichology, out of 263 reported individuals that dyed their hair, 96% rendered hair unsafe for lactating and pregnant women, and 63% reported headaches and itching.

Excessive use of hair dyes has also been known to weaken the hair and contribute to hair loss. However if you need to dye your hair, then feel free to try one of a few natural hair-dye procedures and solutions. They’re free of chemicals and will even make your hair healthier, not destroy it.

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