This is why WD 40 is considered the best known Life Hack in the World!

If you are getting annoyed by a door hinge as it is squeaking all day long your waste weapon against it is a couple of sprays of WD 40. In all these years it is found that it is a way that alot many homes of people all over the world are using this item. But what is this item really? A lot of us may think that it is a type of greasy lubricant but here is something interesting about it.

WD 40 is an abbreviation of water displacement 40th formula which was originally created exclusively for military purposes to protect arms and weapons from rusting and corroding. In all these years it has been used for various other purposes in household as well but the formula remains a trade secret as it is one amazing stuff.

In the video below you will learn the solution is used as a life hacks to help at various dead ends of life.

Watch out for this video and for all the detailed information and you will be surprised to know so many different ways to use it.

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