A Louisiana family did not just sit around and wait when Bethany Arceneaux was abducted. They organized and acted.

While this story is from 2013, it appears to be making the rounds on social media again so we thought we’d share it for anyone who missed it the first time around.
According to KRON4, when a police search party failed to locate Bethany, about 20 relatives showed up to help police search an area where it was thought she might be held.
The family members noticed a discreet abandoned house, almost completely obscured by vegetation and decided to check it out.
As they got closers, one of Bethany’s cousins in the search party heard her screaming from inside of a home. He kicked in the door. He thought he saw the kidnapper stab Bethany so he drew his concealed handgun and opened fire.
The volley of gunfire killed the suspect and family members carried an injured, bloody Bethany to safety.

The kidnapper was determined to be Scott Thomas (pictured below), the father of Bethany’s child. Thomas had already violated one restraining order taken out against him. The restraining order obviously failed to stop a determined Thomas.

Police say the cousin acted within the law and the shooting was ruled justified. ‘The man began harming her. He [Arceneaux’s family member] did what he needed to do to stop that aggressive behavior from Mr Thomas,’ Police Captain Kip Judice said.
Bethany was transported to a nearby hospital where she recovered from the ordeal. Later she her own account of what happened was released.
“You not gonna live no happy life. You’re not. I’m not goin’ to jail! And you not goin’ live no happy life,” Thomas told her. “We gonna die together.”
Things got really stressful when Thomas realized Bethany’s family was looking for her.
“(We) heard the four wheelers and he kept sayin’, ‘Your people, that’s your people … over there. Your people came to get you.’”
“It’s about to be that time,” he told her. “We about to die.”
Shortly thereafter is when Bethany’s family burst into the house and killed Thomas before he could kill her.

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