Why It Is Beneficial To Drink Water 30 Minutes Before Each Meal

Water is essential for life. It represents around 60-70% of our body weight, which is why every body part needs water to function properly.

Water can accelerate the metabolism, increase the energy levels, moisturizes the skin and helps the body eliminate the harmful chemical toxins easier.

Drinking water on a daily basis, half an hour before every meal can be extremely beneficial – from lowering the risk of kidney stones, to energize the body and helping you lose weight faster.

Can Drinking Water Before Each Meal Help Lose Weight?

Almost all healthy diets recommend the regular drinking of water. Drinking water before eating is one of the cheapest and simplest tricks you can do in order to lose weight. There are numerous studies backing this up.

According to scientific results, drinking water 30 minutes before each meal can help obese people to faster get in shape and lose tremendous amounts of weight.

A study conducted involving 84 participants who had weight problems, had shown significant results. The participants were under observation for 12 weeks. Every participant received recommendations for physical activity and diet. Half of them were told to drink water half an hour before each meal, and half of them were told to imagine that their stomach was full before they eat.

At the end of the research, the participants who drank water half an hour before each meal lost 4.3 kg more than the participants who didn’t drink water.

Aside from not containing any calories, water also helps calorie absorption.

NOTE: Always drink fresh and clean water, without artificial sweeteners.

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