There are so many people in this world that break the record every single day! Breaking a record in a certain area has become a passion for some people. And they are quite successful in it.

For an example, today we are going to share with you one man with a lot of passion, and how he managed to break the world record in just one day!

Today we are going to share with you the man who managed to marry 13 women. Yes, he has 13 wives. What he also managed to do is impregnate them all within the period of one month.

He wanted to make all of them happy, resulting in 13 pregnant women. Luckily, they are all well and good towards one another, and even in their pregnancy, they get along quite well.

This has never happened before in the history of time. There women are amazing. Each woman speaks very highly of the other. They all look after their own well being and each others well being.

They are all best friends and are always there when one of them is in need. The way they take care of each other is quite amazing. You have probably never seen anything like that.

In some countries marrying more than one woman is legal. This man managed to marry 13 women. What he did is definitely not a crime. But the interesting fact is how he is going to manage his now 13 pregnant wives.

This is not only shocking news, it is also entertaining, especially because the gap between each pregnancy is between three to five weeks.

Can you imagine that? Having a full house of pregnant women? We know we can’t. We wish him good luck on the babies and luck to the women, to carry out their pregnancies well and happy.

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