If You Eat Two Bananas Every Day, You Will Achieve The Following Results

People should definitely incorporate bananas in their diet since they are abundant in essential nutrients and they can give you energy, improve your mood, regulate blood sugar levels, etc.

Bananas contain natural sugars like fructose and sucrose, but also high amount of fiber. Two bananas a day will keep the doctors away.

Amazing Banana Facts:

  • Calories- 89
  • from fat -3
  • Total fat- 0
  • Saturated fat-0
  • Trans fat-0
  • Cholesterol-0
  • Sodium-1 mg
  • Carbs- 23 g
  • Fiber- 3g
  • Protein – 1 g
  • Calcium- 1%
  • Iron- 1%

Whenever you tend to exercise, make sure to eat two bananas because they will provide you with more energy and will maintain blood sugar levels.

  • Nutritional value (100 g) (1 medium size banana = 105 calories)
  • Calories – 89
  • Sugar — 12 grams
  • Omega 3 — 27.0 mg
  • Vitamin A — 3%
  • Vitamin B – 35%
  • Vitamin C – 33%
  • Potassium — 12%

According to the statistics, bananas are the most consumed fruit in America. It should be mentioned that ripe bananas are far more beneficial than green ones, so make sure to buy those with brown spots on them. They contain big amount of TNF.

What is TNF?

TNF has the ability to fight against bad cells, but also to fight cancer successfully. Moreover, TNF makes the cells move toward any inflamed area inside.

Newest study has shown that the consumption of riper bananas slows down tumor growth and it can stop it from creating apoptosis cell death, because they are abundant in antioxidants.

Reasons Why You Should Consume More Bananas:

Bananas have low sodium levels but are rich source of potassium which will protect your heart and maintain blood pressure.

They are excellent for boosting your energy since they provide you with numerous vitamins, minerals and have low glycemia carbs. Due to potassium presence, the muscle cramps will be soothed, so make sure to consume them before or after workout.

Around 450 grams of potassium are contained in one medium-sized banana, so it will protect you from atherosclerosis of the blood vessels and disease of the heart muscle. Moreover, it contains vitamin  C, manganese, dietary fiber and B6 which will satisfy about 35% of the daily needs of the body.

According to some studies, potassium has the ability to lower the blood pressure, but it also enhances the ejection of salts from the body through urine.

Bananas are also abundant in iron which is an excellent solution for anemia and it will boost your immune system due to greater production of hemoglobin and red blood cells.

Bananas are excellent solution for stomach pain since they soothe the inside lining, and all those corrosive material won’t be able to affect the stomach.

It is also important to mention that bananas contain tryptophan which can help you fight depression, so make sure to consume bananas on a regular basis.

Due to their fiber content, bananas can deal with constipation as well.

Vitamin B is also present in bananas which will help you deal with the nervous system, it will relax you and it will reduce the PMS issues.

At last but not least, bananas are famous for providing good basal temperature, so you should consume them throughout the whole year.

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