Did you know?
Aluminum foil can improve the health and energy return. It can serve as a substitute for harmful and expensive drugs argues alternative medicine get five incredible ways of its medicinal effects.

1. The treatment of the common cold
It is believed that aluminum foil can relieve cold symptoms. Enough to wrap the legs with aluminum foil and remove it after an hour. Let your feet breathe, but after two hours, repeat the procedure.

2. Removes murder
Aluminium foil has the power to restore energy. For this purpose, you can put a few pieces of foil in the fridge, and then remove them after two or three hours. Put foil on the cheeks and eyelids. You will immediately feel fresher.

3. Soothes burns
Aluminum foil helps with burns. First you need to clean the wound and wipe it clean with a dry cloth and apply ointment for burns. Then wrap it with foil and secure with tape.

4. Removes pain in joints
Wrap aluminum foil parts of the body where you feel pain. Let it stand for a whole day or night. For ten days, repeat the process, and then take a break for two weeks.

5. Treatment of Infection
Aluminum foil can be a great ally in the fight against infections. Treatment of aluminum foil can in just a few days, without unnecessary use of harmful drugs, override even a bad cold. Foil wrap around the foot in 5-7 layers, between each layer of foil put cotton cloth or paper. This lining leave on for about an hour, then remove it. After two hours, put a new lining which should also operates an hour.

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