Man Will Possibly Be Hung Publicly For Raping And Killing A Baby

A group of citizens are forming an old-fashioned lynch mob in modern day America. They’re sending a petition to the White House to ask that a man guilty of unthinkable crimes be hanged rather than imprisoned.

Benjamin R. Taylor, 32, faces life in prison after being found guilty of sexually assaulting and murdering a 10-month-old girl. Taylor’s then-girlfriend Amanda Leigh Adkins, a mother of four, woke up at 5 a.m. that fateful morning to find her baby Emmaleigh Barringer’s body on the basement floor. The baby was nude, bloody and battered. An examination revealed she had been beaten, shaken and raped.

Police arrived and they found Taylor trying to ‘wipe something’ off his groin. Tests concluded it was Emmaleigh’s blood. He told them he didn’t know what happened to the baby, but later told police he had ‘blacked out’ while he was doing laundry with her.

Emmaleigh was brain dead and taken off life support within two days. Police do not suspect Adkins in any way, saying she was ‘guilty only of placing trust in the hands of a wolf in sheep’s clothing.’

The crime occurred in West Virginia, where the death penalty was abolished more than 50 years ago. Thousands of Americans have signed a petition to make an exception in Taylor’s case.

“Prison is too good for child rapists and their ilk,” read the petition on ‘We The People,’ the White House website. If the petition can get over 100,000 in 30 days, the Obama Administration is required to respond to it.

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