A beautiful baby boy was born with a head full of extraordinary hair.At the end of 2015, a baby boy named Bence was born in a hospital under normal circumstances. He was prompt in his arrival, as expected, and with little surprises throughout labor. But it wasn’t long before his doctor noticed he was not a typical baby, Daily News Hungary reported.

It was not Bence’s weight that shocked the doctor. He was born at a slightly above average weight of 5400 grams. Nor did his ordinary height surprise anyone, at 54 cm.

It was the striking white hair that covered his tiny little head that makes him different.His magnificent white hair earned him the nickname in the nursing ward, “Prince Charming.”

His doctor, Dr. Zoltan Kummer, had been inspecting and discussing the baby’s unique feature.

Kummer believed that the unique head of icy hair is not a sign of illness, nor is it a symptom of prenatal stress.

He took into consideration that it could be albinism, a genetic mutation effecting skin, hair and eye color.

According to Maya Clinic, “Albinism includes a group of inherited disorders that are characterized by little or no production of the pigment melanin. The type and amount of melanin your body produces determines the color of your skin, hair and eyes.”

Bence’s doctor concluded that while melanin pigment may be missing in the baby’s hair, there is no sign of any other shortage of pigment on the boy’s body that would determine it to be albinism.

The newborn’s extraordinary white hair, while earning him great attention among his nurses, is expected to get darker as he grows up. Kummer presumes the situation is isolated in the area and is likely a temporary pigment shortage.

Prince Charming passed a series of routine tests following his emergence into this bright and new world, which all came out as normal.

To be sure that there are no other causes to the pigment deficiency, Amo Mama reported that blood work has been taken and sent to a Bucharest lab so scientists can conduct a few extra tests not done at a hospital.

All in all, the healthy baby is expected to return to a typical newborn routine.

Bence’s mother seemed to be under great stress following the labor, with no time to relax, due to the fact that a college exam was coming up. She is not only a student and a mother, but also stated that she works, too.

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