8 Time Saving Beauty Hacks for Busy Women

As soon as the morning alarm goes off, we women rush to finish the morning tasks as quickly as possible. No matter how early you wake up, by the time you want groom yourself up for that meeting in the office or for a breakfast with your friend, you are sure to find yourself getting late. To make it worse, you suddenly realise that you mascara has dried up and your hair looks to oily carry for the day. Well these and many other little hurdles can be annoying, scroll over to find how you can save time while grooming up yourself and look stunning:

Get Hollywood Cat Eyes With These Simple Steps

To create Hollywood cat eyes, draw a line from outer corner of your eyes to end of your eyebrows. Apply eyeliner over it and draw dots ensuring no smudges are formed. Join the dots to make the line and your cat eyes are set to go.

Give Your Hair Washed Look With Baby Powder

If your hair is oily and you have no time to wash it, simply apply baby powder to your roots before you sleep. By morning powder would have absorbed all the excess oil from your scalp.

Create Waves Effortlessly

It happens with all of us at some point, we don’t have time to blow dry the hair, but you don’t need to panic. Spray a volumizing hair spray and run through the hair strands. Separate hair 5 sections and twist hairs into knots and then pin them up. Let them set while you apply your makeup. After 20, open up the knots and voila you will have natural waves in your hair.

Contouring And Highlighting Is As Easy As 1, 2, 3

To highlight your face, make a three with concealer lighter than your skin tone. Draw the top of 3 above your eyebrow, middle line above your cheekbone and bottom line right above your jawbone. Similarly to contour your face draw a reverse 3 similar to alphabet E with a concealer 2 shades darker than your skin tone. The top line should be above your temple, middle line below the cheekbone and bottom line under your jaw bone. Once done, buff out the two shades and blend in the lines drawn completely to get a smooth finish.

Hide Chipped Manicure

If your nail polish has got chipped, instead of removing and re doing all over again, sprinkle few glitters over it, to get it perfectly right, start to sprinkle glitter from the base and move upwards.

Mascara To Rescue Your Eye Makeup

If you run out of your eyeliner and have no time to run to the store, mascara will do the trick to work as eyeliner. Take a thin brush and apply mascara along the upper eyelid as eyeliner.

Brighten Up Your Eyes

Line up the inner rim of your lower eyelid with a nude eye pencil. This will instantly make your look more awaken up and brighten up your eyes.

Make Your Lips Appear Fuller

Apply one shade of lipstick on all of your lips and then apply a lighter shade of same family or apply concealer in the center and blend it in. This will create an illusion of fuller lips.

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