Did you know that the Tibetan medical system is among the oldest medical systems in the world? This system is an important part of their culture over the centuries. Most of the people believe that their medical system has origins as old as civilization itself. Their medical heritage is based on their fundamental medical text, the book of the four Tantras (rGyud-bZhi).


In any case, it is amazing how Tibetan monks can have white, healthy teeth until old age. This has been the situation for years, even before civilization, commercial products and dentists were a norm in society. Their secret is very simple: they have a recipe that helps them keep their teeth healthy, white and strong. Here are the instructions on how to make it.

In a half cup of bubbled and cold water, add a tablespoon of salt. After that, stir the blend and uproot the foam that forms. Next, you should take a couple of the crystals, clean your teeth as usual utilizing your toothbrush. It is advisable that you use this recipe to clean your teeth every morning and evening, especially after meals, if you want to achieve your desired set of teeth.

The primary weakness of this recipe is that you can experience discomfort. The salt water regularly influences the sensitivity of teeth to hot and cold foods or drinks, and to sweet or sour foods or beverages. This sensitivity is an aftereffect of the minor removal of the enamel on the teeth. Luckily, the sensitivity is endurable and lasts for a short period.

This discomfort could likewise come about because of the different brands of costly toothpaste that target individuals with delicate teeth. In any case, the benefit of this recipe is that it is effective, different from the commercial brands that may be really costly. Thus, you are advised to endure the discomfort and persist with the recipe to accomplish your desired outcome.

This salty mixture is powerful in light of the fact that it serves some purposes. It strengthens the enamel of the teeth in a surprisingly short period; it destroys any pathogenic microorganisms present inside of the oral cavity and repairs the cracks and bumps on the teeth.

Salty water has been utilized as a mouthwash in many places around the world for a very long time. This solution can be utilized correspondently with other commercial mouthwash as it serves the same purpose. Aside from destroying microscopic organisms inside of the mouth cavity, salty water additionally helps loosen deposits of food stuck in the teeth. It is most effective when utilized regularly.

This simple recipe from the Tibetan monks might be the key to the ideal smile you have been longing for years. It is particularly convenient for those worried about costs since it is made of ingredients that are available at home; water and salt. All it requires is persistence and tolerance, in the same way as other things in life. The best things in life are not free, they require sacrifice and commitment. Furthermore, this is the same.

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