Airline won’t let Mom of 4 travel with 2 babies on her lap. Then pilot lends his lap

All parents could use a helping hand now and again. Even if they only have one child. And that goes quadruple for a parent of four. Now imagine trying to travel with all four kids in tow, and doing that by yourself? If you’re a parent, then you’ll know how terrifying that sounds.

 One woman who was flying on Finnair last week was brave enough to make the attempt. She was flying as a solo parent along with her four little boys, two of which were babies.Thankfully, a kind stranger was sensitive to the plight of parents and went out of his way to lend a helping hand, or lap, to the woman who had her hands quite full.Finnair captain Tom Nystrom offered to be an “extra lap” and help feed her babies.

One of the Finnair crew members saw Nystrom’s gesture and snapped a photo of him in the act, which they posted to Instagram.


The photo’s caption read:

Today we had a mother on board traveling with four little boys. Two of the boys were just babies.

Naturally one cannot travel with two babies on one’s lap, so we had to solve the dilemma of missing lap, otherwise it would have been a no go for mom and the kids.

Luckily we had our positioning crew on board and wonderful Tom took the task of being the extra-lap.

Don’t you find them quite adorable!

Umm.. yes! Not only does Nystrom look quite happy to help out, but the baby seems pleased to have made a new friend. He’s even holding onto the captain’s thumb and looking up at him.

Many of the 1,000 plus individuals who liked and commented on the photo praised Nystrom and noted how it was a far cry how other airlines, such as United Airlines, treat their passengers.

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