KARMA IS A B*TCH! ISIS Executioner Who Beheaded Countless Christians Just Died a HORRIFYING Death

It’s always satisfying when a-holes get the karma they deserve, and for one ISIS executioner who beheaded more than 100 victims, his payback was brutal.

One of ISIS’ most terrifying executioners, nicknamed Abu Sayyaf whose name meant “father of swordsmith,” was frequently featured in the group’s disgusting propaganda videos, showcasing to the world what would happen to anyone who dared to go against their barbaric regime. He incited terror into the hearts of many in the area, as he was known to keep the heads of his victims in a hole in the region of al-Khasafa, as a way to brag about his sickening feats.


But after his countless disgusting acts against humanity, Sayyaf got what was coming to him several days ago, after a group of locals decided to rid the planet of filth, killing Sayyaf in the most ironic way as possible. According to reports, the executioner was leading ISIS on a mission near the outskirts of Mosul, when a horde of unnamed individuals came out of nowhere, stabbing Sayyaf to death.

Here is more from Conservative Tribune:

The terrorist organization’s chief executioner, nicknamed Abu Sayyaf, was recently stabbed to death in Iraq — which was textbook payback for someone who had beheaded more than 100 victims.

Sayyaf, whose name meant “father of swordsmith,” was known as one of the Islamic State group’s most terrifying decapitators, according to Iraqi News, and he was often featured in the group’s sick videos showcasing what would happen to those who dared defy or oppose the radical regime.

The brutal murderer was said to have kept the heads of his victims in an infamous hole in the region of al-Khasafa, the U.K. Daily Mail reported.

He was reportedly leading the Islamic State group’s faction in Nineveh, located near the outskirts of Mosul, when an unknown group attacked the terrorists and stabbed Sayyaf to death.

Muhammad Yawar, an Iraqi journalist, described Sayyaf as “one of the scariest executioners in Nineveh” because of his massive build and known participation in the Islamic State group’s propaganda videos, according to ARA News.

“Abu Sayyaf was a reflection of the brutality of this terrorist group,” Yawar said.

There may have been no one on the planet more deserving of this outcome than Sayyaf.

I guess the old saying is true, that if you live by the sword you’ll die by the sword. Good riddance, a-hole!

Well, we need more of this and soon! These people are horrific and do not even deserve to live. Hopefully, now that Donald Trump is president we will see more of these animals brought to justice instead of having to wait for karma.

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