Dana Sedvik, mother of three children, decided it was time to fix her bikini area. She bought a new razor, shaved the bikini area and so did the worst thing in her life.

During shaving, Dana made a small cut with the new razor. Small pimple has is not withdrawn even after two days, but Dana knew her skin often reacts to shaving rash.

However, nausea and dizziness were that what she was not used to. She went to her doctor, who took a swab from her groin and prescribed an antibiotic.

Dana came home and immediately went to bed where her daughter Megan found her later. The girl was stunned, mother’s legs were covered with bloody rash.

Soon the results were ready, and she had immediately to surgery. But before they came to the hospital, Dana has collapsed.

An ambulance took her to the hospital. Her husband, Matthew was shocked when he saw her.

– She had no longer legs. It was a black pile of rotting meat – says the woman’s husband.

Tests have quickly found out that Dana got necrotizing fasciitis, a serious bacterial infection, which is also called hospital gangrene. Infection is always related to the injury, in this case with the sores of the razor, and cause the extinction of soft tissue.

The doctors had no choice, they had to take Dana into induced coma.

Dana was in a coma for nine days, during which time her doctors removed the rotten meat from the legs. Her body fought, her heart stopped for four times, the kidneys were failing. The chances of life were small, only 30 per cent.

– When I woke up from the coma, I was sure that I experienced a car accident. Both legs were bandaged – says Dana. The doctor explained her what had happened to her, told her she was happy that she is live, and all because of the shaving and she’ll never walk again.

It was May 2012.

Since then, Dana has had 21 operations. With the support of her husband and children managed to walk only with crutches.

This is a story about a woman who has not done anything wrong, she just did not know how to recognize the signs of sepsis in time.

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