In the West we are watching movies with eastern people using their martial and meditative arts and we are really amazed by that. But in the real life for many years the practitioners of eastern martial and meditative arts have had the presence of chi.

Chi is the life force energy that animates all living things.

With using this energy masters of the cultivation have been able to perform amazing feats of concentration, strength and longevity.
We in the West are amazed by the movies with eastern martial and meditative arts, but what if you something that is ‘out of this world’? You will be breathless if you are only amazed by those movies. We in the West are not realizing and we cannot believe that there is an energy that can actually connect all living things on the planet.
Kanzawa Sensei is Japanese chi master and he is known for his ability to control living things (animals)only with using his mind and the power of the energy we are talking about –chi. He is rare and extraordinary example of the powers of Qigong and Qigong is that practice of cultivating the energy.With just using his mind and using the chi energy with his hands he can calm and even put to sleep many animals including elephants, ostriches and buffalo. He explains it as a simple task that he only exchanges the energy with the animals. For him is maybe a simple task but for us it is unbelievable.
Watch the video and pay attention to the conversation to the host and the veterinarian while the Master is doing his thing. Master Kanzawa will put to sleep animals and you should really take a look at this video.

This is another proof that the Western science is really behind when it comes to understanding this connection.

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