This Is Why You Should Never Make Your Bed After Sleeping

Most of us have a habit of making our bed as soon as we wake up and get ready, but now research has shown that we have actually been doing something wrong our entire lives.

Experts warn that our beds are covered with millions of tiny dust particles and mites which live on our bed, and they’re trapped between the sheets.

Our dead skin cells are the main source of food for these little mites, and according to experts, they can pose potential threats to our health and cause a number of health conditions including allergies and asthma.

Now when it comes to a made and unmade bed, scientists stress that an unmade and open bed exposes the dust mites to fresh air and sunlight, which as a result dehydrates them and kills them off. On the other hand, making the bed immediately after waking and getting up isolates these mites and helps them live and thrive. On top of that, it is known for a fact that everyone sweats while sleeping, and sweat has been known to create the perfect breeding environment for these little organisms. The more mites on the bed, the more waste they leave behind, and when this resulting waste is inhaled by humans, it can have some unpleasant side-effects and even health conditions.

Carolyn Forte, the main director of the cleaning lab at the GHI (Good Housekeeping Institute) claims that it is highly recommended that people leave their beds unmade for some time during the morning, as the sheets will have the opportunity to be exposed to some sunlight potentially killing these mites and preventing them from littering your bed with waste. It is also important that you wash your sheets and pillow cases every week.

All in all, exposing these mites to some fresh air and light all day will cause them to dehydrate and die, making your bedroom a better place to sleep and breathe.

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