The scientists from the University of Taiwan conducted an experiment to discover the reason behind this.

They picked women of different ages, weight and origin and gave them to consume one glass of tomato juice daily for two months.

Soon they noticed that the subjects started to lose weight and the scientists stated that it is not about the liquid which is discharged, but it is just the fat build up.

“The subjects didn’t make any changes in their habits in nutrition or exercising and in just several days the results were noticeable”, stated the experts who made the experiment.

They analyzed the blood of the subjects at the beginning and in the end of the experiment.

“The cholesterol levels were reduced significantly, but the lycopene was raised-that is an antioxidant included in tomatoes which has many benefits for the health”, stated the experts.

This experiment also proved that one glass of tomato juice daily firms the immune system, protects from heart ailments and reduces the risk from cancer occurrence. In addition, this amazing juice is very useful in the fight against digestion issues, promotes the excretion of liquids, protects the health and keeps us safe from urinary bladder ailments, pancreas and liver and lung diseases.

This juice is also very beneficial for the skin providing a shinier complexion. It also fights against cough, disables anemia, relieves rheumatic symptoms and improves the blood count.

If you had exhausting workout you should consume this juice in order to diminish the difficulties. Tomato juice will help you to cure the muscle cramps since it is very rich source of magnesium. It includes around 11 mg on 100 grams.


If you’ve exercised too much, drink some tomato juice and the difficulties will disappear and it’s also an excellent natural cure for muscle cramps, because it’s extremely rich in magnesium, containing 11 mg on 100 grams.

Tomatoes also include high amounts of potassium, calcium, herbal proteins, carbohydrates and the very important vitamin C. So, it is time for you to start practicing this beneficial habit.

In case you intend to consume this juice, make sure that the tomatoes are organic if you like to gain all the health benefits that this juice provides you with. You should prepare this juice at your home and you will need 6 kilograms of tomatoes, 4 tablespoons of sugar and two tablespoons of salt.


Wash the tomatoes well with cold water. Grate them, add sugar and salt and cook them.

Stir while cooking because it can burn easily. Once it started to boil, cook for additional 10 minutes. Don’t forget to stir all the time. Store the mixture in sterilized glass bottles and close them well. Leave the juice to cool down and then place the bottles in some cool area.

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