When you eat pork, this is what your body undergoes

Pork meat is considered as unclean and loaded with toxins that can be harmful to your health, since pigs are fed with all kinds of things including feces and urine. Therefore, numerous religious forbid pork consumption. This belief is also supported by a number of medical experts.

A research conducted on 200 pigs found out that the microorganism known as Yersinia enterocolitica, present in 70% of the pigs, was the leading reason for the fever, sickness, vomiting, diarrhea, and cramps. According to this research, the minced meat is considered as more harmful than the meat slices. Additionally, another toxin was found in the meat, a medicine known as a ractopamine. This medicine was forbidden is China and Europe due to the fatal consequences that sick people can experience if they consume pork. Furthermore, the parasite in this meat can cause fever, myalgia, edema, appetite loss, tissue contamination, nausea and weariness. Namely, if you want to reduce the amount of the parasites and bacteria, you should cook the pork at a specific temperature: ground meat at 71 degrees Celsius, and pork slashes at 62 degrees Celsius.

Parasites known as Trichinella spiralis, that can be found in cement and steel grates, are also present in pork meat. The anti-microbes, present in the food that the pigs eat, keep these parasites alive. Therefore, you should completely eliminate the pork intake and chose other healthier meats, such as fish, chicken or grass-fed beef instead. Meat substitutes like soya and mushrooms are also a healthier choice.

Don’t put yours and your family’s health at risk, avoid the pork consumption as much as you can.

See the video below to find out what your body undergoes when you eat pork!

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