Dad and daughter turn on camera to record THIS — But 7 million people watched it and Mom found out!


It’s so awesome to see dads having fun with their daughters. Not always easy, as usually you have to play with dolls and pretty much wing it! Well here we have Josh Rinder, father to his six-year-old daughter Audrey. Dad decides to create a dance video with his daughter and it turns out amazingly awesome!

While mom is gone, they work out the choreography while jamming Justin Timberlake’s awesome song “Can’t Stop the Feeling” and then they turn the camera on.

Oh, they also have incredible matching pink outfits that work very well with their impressive dance moves!

Guaranteed the cutest thing you will see all month! The internet thinks so too, as this incredible father and daughter dance performance has gone mad viral!

It turns out this video caught the attention of Justin Timberlake who was super impressed with the performance that was created alongside his hit song. Check out the shout out he gave them:



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