Everyone Is Putting Butter In Their Coffee, When You Read Why You Will Drink It Like This For The Rest Of Your Life!

Butter coffee is something that become trendy .People started to add butter in their coffee due to the fact because it has strong, abundant taste and is very helpful when it comes to weight lose.

This claiming come from people that have tried it.After trying they never go back to the old, black coffee.

Tablespoon of butter and coconut oil is not a regular ingredient you would add to a coffee but you must know that it is perfect combination.

Use a blender to prepare this coffee and to unify the coffee with the liquid fat.As a bonus you will get a great foam on the top .

If you are in a hurry you can simply add some butter to your hot coffee and let it melt.


It will :

-reduce your danger of cancer by 50%,

-reduce the risk of type II diabetes by 7%,

-interfere with the development of the germs that triggers halitosis and mouth odor

– clean-up the arteries

-promote brain functions

-minimize body fat …

A little bit of butter and half minute to include it to your coffee is all you need in order to improve your health!

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