AMERICA WINS: Mattis Just Walked On Stage And Revealed What We Just Did To Kick ISIS A$$ES

Pretty much everyone agrees that America is 100% safer with General Mattis in charge of the military. Today, the legendary war hero gave us some great news Obama never could: We are beating ISIS.

Beating down these monsters is pretty great and all, but I’m sure all y’all are wondering what they have done to win. Well, According to Mattis:

  • We are currently working on taking down the ISIS capital of Raqqa once-and-for-all.

  • Authority has been delegated to generals so they can make timely decisions without needing to call Washington first

  • The military is now surrounding ISIS to eliminate them instead of Obama’s strategy of spreading them out until the give up

  • We have gotten funds and resources from Arab countries and Europe we didn’t have before

  • We have surrounded and captured multiple ISIS-held cities across the region


That’s pretty great if you ask me. I’m just glad that we have people in charge who don’t consider ISIS the “JV Team” of terrorism.

According to Mattis, we have already retaken more than 50% of ISIS territory and are on a fast track to shut them down for good.

Oh, and unlike Obama’s strategy of attrition, Mattis’s “Search and Destroy” tactics will make sure none of those little western-born terrorists who flew off to Syria make it back here alive after ISIS collapses.

If you are glad we finally have a real path forward to defeat these horrible monsters, then help by sharing this with your family and friends and let them know America is Winning again.

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