Did You Know that Using a Potato you can Light a Room for a Month ?! – VIDEO

Using a potato you can light a room 

Did you know that using a potato can light a room for a month? This is one great opportunity for people who live in underdeveloped and remote parts of the world.

Apart from being an important food staple in many people’s diet, potato provides a great ability-it can light a room for a month!

Researchers at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem discovered that a potato boiled for eight minutes makes a battery producing ten times the power of a raw one. According them, potato helps conducting electricity as it acts as salt-bridge between the two metals and enables the movement of the electron across the wire creating electricity.

The agricultural science professor Haim Rabinovitch and his team have shown that the energy produced when using small units located between a copper cathode and zinc anode can light a room with LED light for a month. This proves that potatoes have ability to provide electricity for just a tenth of the cost of AA batteries.

As the professor claims, the potato is chosen because it can grow almost everywhere, including tropical and subtropical climate and they can be stored for months and thereby not being attacked by insects, because of their rich starch content.

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