Trump BLASTS Chelsea and the Fake News Hypocrites with ONE TWEET!

President Trump took to Twitter today, and in one single tweet, managed to destroy both the moronic Chelsea Clinton AND the fake news media.

After Ivanka briefly sat in for Trump at the G20 Summit, liberals and the lying press did what they do best, desperately spinning the “story” into another pathetic attack on President Trump.

Trump, however, used that opportunity to slam the fake news manufacturers, as well as the Clintons, and quickly pointed out their hypocrisy.

As the shameless liberal media continues to engage in their battle against our “America First” president, a battle they cannot win, they expose themselves to the American people as the biased liars that they are.

The fake news media seems to be too arrogant to realize that fighting with President Trump does absolutely nothing to further their disgusting, seditious agenda, and only serves to strengthen the resolve of Trump’s supporters.

Every time the butt-hurt, lying media attacks Trump, he turns it around on them while simultaneously using their libelous assaults to prove their disgusting and blatant bias.

The sheer arrogance of the fake news pushers, who think they can somehow “beat” Trump, is astounding, as he is able to harness social media to reach the people with his message, while exposing the press for who they really are.

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