The images of this dog might seem funny at first and you would be forgiven if your first instinct was to chuckle. However, this was not an instance where one family decided to dress their dog in a costume or a child got a little too carried away with the scissors. The reason for this dog’s strange fur alignment is no laughing matter. All of the fur is missing for a very good reason.

The dog in this story was under attack and its assailants had no good reason for doing so. Our friend Jackson here was found riddled with all sorts of mysterious lumps and when their owner first found them, they had no idea where they had come from. The 100 pound English mastiff would seem to be able to take care of himself, so his owner Hayden’s initial instinct was to assume that he had been chewed up by bugs.

When she took a closer look at the lumps, Hayden came to the shocking realization that they were not insect bites….they were actually bullet wounds. The dog’s fur was shaved off so that his wounds could be treated and a whopping 27 BBs and pellets had to be removed from his body. While this may seem crazy enough, the poor pup still has at least 20 more pellets and BBs buried within his body.

According to reports, another 20 pellets were also fired at Jackson and we cannot imagine what kind of sick monsters would find it funny to shoot at a dog. Firing shots at a defenseless creature is one of the worst things that a person can do and it is our proud duty to report that the scofflaw involved in this horrific incident was identified. Justice needs to be served in all of these instances.

As it turns out, it was Hayden’s neighbor who was the perpetrator. Tom Woodward was subsequently arrested for the crime and the police also believe that he is the one responsible. His house was searched and the weapons that were found inside are going to be tested. While there have been no charges filed against Woodward at the moment, we are hoping that justice is done on behalf of Jackson.

Feel better soon, old friend. No animal should ever have to go through what Jackson did and Tom should be made to face the consequences for his crime. Please share this story and spread awareness.

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