Teen Is ‘Legally Dead’ For 20 Minutes, Then Suddenly Wakes Up And Tells Mom He Met Jesus

Zack Clements, a local teenager from Brownwood was initially healthy and attended  the Victory Life Academy. When Zack was 17 years-old, he suddenly collapsed during gym class and went into a cardiac arrest. His pulse could not be detected for 20 minutes and was supposed to be dead. Then all of a sudden, Zack’s pulse went back to normal and was revived!

Three days later he woke up at Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth, Texas. Zack has no lasting effects from the incident, but he did say when he woke has made his story go viral. Zack’s parents, Theresa and Billy, were stunned by what their son said about what happened to him during the 20 minutes he had no pulse. They made a videotape of Zack telling his amazing story.

Watch for yourself and see if you believe what Zack is saying

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